Cokemaking Mixer Bin Modifications

The retirement of BSL No 4 Coke Ovens Battery required many parts of the existing support plant to be reconfigured to allow the remaining Nos 5, 6 and 7 Coke Ovens batteries to remain in operation. Coal handling Mixer Bins 10 to 14, and associated discharge equipment where part of the required reconfiguration.

The existing belt feeders where relocated and their pulley centres where lengthened as required. New support steel and platforms where also designed to suit the relocated belt feeders. Access and guarding was also upgraded to suit current standards and modern maintenance requirements.

Sectional view below shows the modified belt feeder, with new stainless steel liners to the lower section of the mixer bin. The liners where modelled as curved sections then where flattened out to allow them to be detailed and hence cut from flat sheets.