Virtual Tours

Virtual Tour Examples

Virtual Site Visits are a collection of photographed points where panning 360 degrees and zooming is possible at a single point/location. This ability to zoom into specific areas of concern or interest is unique to the Virtual Site Visit.

Virtual Site Visits are very useful for:

  • Large projects
  • Advertising
  • Meetings
  • Presentations
  • Design reviews
  • Viewing areas that cannot be viewed or accessed under normal working operations

Virtual Site Visits are also cost effective as they eliminate the need for multiple staff to travel onsite for minor visual inspections.

Tours usually start off with a plan photo of the nominated area where a number of hotspots are placed to allow the viewer to jump from one hotspot/point/location to another. Each 360 point/location also has hotspots allowing the viewer to jump to a related point/location.

Tours are viewable by Internet explorer, thus making them easily accessible for the majority of people.


Switch Room Tour


Office Layout Tour


Bin Inspection Tour

Note: Example quality has been reduced to allow viewing through the internet. May take a few minutes to download.