Utility Location Services

PEA is a certified dial before you dig contractor. We utilize the latest technology to identify and locate underground utilities.

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), as the name suggests, can be used to locate services and structures beneath the ground, or beneath concrete slabs. The Peter Ellsmore and Associates GPR unit features full GPS integration and automatic data retention for documentation.

Together with document searches and EMF Wanding, this technology allows PEA to provide a comprehensive utility location service.

This saves our clients money in the long run by helping to avoid any costly damage involved with excavations.

Applications include:

  • Location of buried pipes, cables, culverts etc.
  • Location of voids below concrete slabs.
  • Location of old concrete footings, piers etc.
  • Location of reinforcement bars in concrete.
  • Location of concrete stiffening beams under concrete slabs.

Prior to the use of GPR, utilities constructed of plastic, terracotta, concrete, non-toneable fibre, asphalt composite and other materials were generally considered non-locatable. This stemmed from the fact that the generally accepted method of non-intrusive detection incorporated the use of electromagnetic (EMF) devices which cannot locate non-metallic / non-conductive underground objects.